Adoption Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the adoption fee?

A: Our fee is $350, a $25 application fee plus $325 due at the time of adoption.

Q: What does this fee cover?

A: All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated against rabies, Distemper/parvo, and bordatella, microchipped, and treated for any parasites. This is what we call "regular vetting". We provide copies of all medical records as well as register the microchip at adoption.

Q: Why is the fee $350?

A: Most of the dogs we take in have medical needs that far exceed the adoption fee in cost. Heartworm treatment, skin issues, dental work, and other conditions all must be treated and are in addition to regular vetting. Please refer to this article to further understand our adoption fee.

Q: Is the adoption fee negotiable?

A: Not at all. Our dogs cost the rescue $500 on average. A dog needing heartworm treatment costs nearly $1000. We receive no outside funding and subsist on adoption fees and donations. We cannot make exceptions.

Q: Is the application fee refundable?

A: No.

Q: What if I submit an application but do not pay the fee?

A: Your application will not be processed until the fee is paid.

Q: Can I adopt a dog that has not been spayed/neutered? What if I pay more?

A: No. Absolutely not. ALL of our dogs are altered to prevent them from breeding. We are a rescue and, as such, do not advocate breeding. Our dogs are of unknown lineage and should never reproduce. We don't care if you pay more, if you say you don't intend to breed but have some misguided idea it is healthier, none of our dogs will go past 6 months old without being altered.

Q: Can I come visit your dogs?

A: No. We do not have a facility to visit. We are a foster home based organization with foster homes all over Alabama. We show dogs to approved adopters only.

Q: Where are you located, what are your hours?

A: We are located all over Alabama. We are entirely volunteer and do not have "hours".

Q: What is your phone number?

A: We are not available by phone until after adoption. We are happy to answer any questions via email at info@alsiberianhuskyrescue.com.

Q: Do you have puppies?

A: Probably not. We do NOT breed dogs. We rescue dogs from shelters. If we have a puppy, it is because the puppy was at a shelter or we took a pregnant mother from a shelter. This is a rare occurrence.

Q: Are your dogs registered? Do they have papers?

A: Probably not. Our dogs come from shelters. Unless they were surrendered to the shelter with their registration papers, we won't have them. Registration papers mean nothing unless they are to be bred and competition shown, and our dogs cannot be bred.

Q: How do you name your dogs?

A: Our dogs often have unusual names. This is on purpose! We change their names when they enter our program to let them know they are on to a better, happier life. It doesn't matter what their name was before us. We use unusual names to provide better exposure on the many websites and avenues we utilize to advertise our dogs. Plus, we like unusual names! An adopter may change the dog's name after adoption if so desired. Some adopters keep the name, some don't.

Q: Can you take my dog?

A: No. We do not take owner surrenders. Our foster space is reserved for dogs who will die in shelters without our help.

Q: Can you give me more information about a dog?

A: Sure. Email us with specific questions.

Q: What if the dog I want is adopted before I'm approved?

A: We work to place the right dog in the right home. We understand you may like the look of a certain dog or a description may sound like a dog who will fit your life and home. However, to be fair, we must go in the order received for adoption applications. We are confident we will be able to place a dog in your home who suits your needs.

Q: What dogs are available?

A: Our available dogs may be viewed on this website under the Adoptable Dogs tab, on Petfinder, and on Petango.

Q: I live out of state. Can I adopt?

A: Sure! You must travel to Birmingham, Al to complete the adoption, sign the contract, and pick up the dog. We do not ship dogs under any circumstances. We do not waive this requirement under any circumstances. We do have several adopters living in other states who made arrangements to come here to adopt, people as far away at Utah, so it is do-able for the right dog.

Q: I have kids. Can I adopt?

A: Probably. We don't have hard and fast rules about children. Many of our dogs are kid friendly. The question is, are your children dog friendly? Children who are raised to respect and love dogs are raised by parents who respect and love dogs and are exactly the folks we hope will give our dogs wonderful homes. We assess the entire family for suitability for a husky, including the children. We don't automatically turn down a family because they have a child, though we know some rescues do.

Q: I don't have a fence and/or I live in an apartment. Can I adopt?

A: Maybe. Again, no hard and fast rules. While dogs must be contained and controlled, some people live in apartments so, of course, they don't have a fence. They also can't let their dogs run loose and if they are active, can be wonderful adopters. We assess the applicant and the applicant's home on an individual basis.

Q: I want to adopt a dog as a gift/surprise/present for my friend/relative/significant other.

A: No. We do not adopt dogs to be gifts, presents, surprises, or adopt them to anyone who will not be the rightful, longterm owner. A dog is a lifetime commitment. You may pay the adoption fee on behalf of someone if you wish, but the would be owner must apply and go through our approval process. If you wish it to be a surprise, purchase one of our stuffed huskies (email us at info@alsiberianhuskyrescue.com) to give as a gift and then let the would be owner apply after the gift is given and the responsibility accepted.

Q: I want to adopt a dog for our family as a Christmas/Birthday/Holiday gift. Can we rush the process?

A: No. Our process takes up to two weeks for local adoptions. The process can be longer for long distance adopters. We do not rush our process for anyone's personal wishes. If you desire an adoption for a particular time, apply well in advance. Our process is designed to ensure our dogs end up in their forever homes. We can not rush that!

Q: Is there a minimum age to adopt?

A: Yes, you must be 18 years old to adopt. We sign a legally binding contract that can only be signed by a legal adult.

Q: I prefer my dogs live outdoors. Can I adopt?

A: No. Our dogs live indoors as members of the family and companions to their people. If we adopt a dog to you in good faith that you will keep it indoors, and find later that you've kept it outdoors, our contract states that we can (and we WILL) remove the dog from your home.

Q: I have a roommate with pets who are not up to date on vetting. Can I adopt?

A: Not likely. All pets that live in the home must be receiving appropriate care.

Q: I still have more questions.

A: Email us at info@alsiberianhuskyrescue.com.