Sometimes, despite our very best efforts, rescue dogs are just too sick for us or our veterinarians to repair.  These dogs are allowed to pass to the Rainbow Bridge where they will receive their Silver Harness, and are sent with all of the love we can give them.  This page is dedicated to those dogs.

February 2002 to April 2015--Lilly, Rescue Ambassador

Lilly, best friend of this rescue's founder and the entire reason this rescue was begun, passed to the Bridge in April 2015 after battling inoperable liver cancer. Lilly held on as long as she was able, her spirit never wavered but her body failed her. She was 13 years old and had lived a life of adventure and fun. In 13 years with her mom, she taught many dogs how to behave, traveled, chose her human dad, welcomed her human brother, and enjoyed every second that she was here on this Earth. She has gone to join her heart sister Ginger and wait for the remainder of her family at the Bridge. I've no doubt she wears her silver harness well and proudly.

November 2012--Dezik

Dezik was a grey and white male who apparently had a rough life. When we pulled him from Pell City animal control, he had mange, a bum leg, and apparently other ailments. After weeks of treatment, we discovered he was in total organ shut down. He was such a sweet boy and only looked for someone to love him, but we could not repair his many medical issues. He traveled to the Bridge to await an eternal friend.

January 2012--Sylvani

Sylvani was a beautiful gray and white girl who came to us from The Humane Society of Elmore County.  After we pulled her from the shelter and placed her in foster care, we noticed she was not feeling well.  After several weeks of 24/7 vet care, surgery to repair an extensive Intussusception, and even transfusions of human albumin, Sylvani was unable to recover.  Though it broke our hearts, we felt it best to release her from her pain and misery and allow her to run free North of the Rainbow Bridge.


Arucia is not one of our rescues, but was adopted by foster parents Cher and Grady several years before they began volunteering with us. Arucia was a Very Good Dog. She taught the foster dogs how to live in a family, to not be afraid, and that no one would hurt them again. She succumbed to cancer in October 2012 at only 9 years old. She will be terribly missed by us all.