Siberian Huskies are wonderful, amazing, fun dogs.  They make fabulous companions for those willing to put in the time and work to train and exercise them.  However, Siberians also have many qualities that make them unsuitable for some owners. 

Siberians DIG as if they were tunneling to another continent.  They are adept at escaping fences if they feel the need to wander and many of them have extreme wanderlust.  Siberians are very smart and most have the ability for logical thought.  They have been known to out-think many owners. 

Siberians SHED enormous amounts of fur twice a year and small amounts throughout the year.  Someone who wants a pristine home should not own a Siberian. 

Siberians require EXERCISE.  They are not dogs who can have a short walk a few times a week and be happy.  A bored Siberian is often a destructive Siberian but a tired Siberian is happy and well-behaved.  There are numerous ways to exercise a Siberian and needs depend on age.  A good run every day, playing with canine companions, doggie daycare, games of fetch and frisbee are all great ways to burn off energy.  A good chew with a bone or stuffed Kong is great as well.  Provide many different stimulating activities for your Siberian and they will reward you with very good behavior.

Siberians are the most amazing dogs who ever decided to grace us with their friendship.  They are fun-loving, friendly dogs.  When raised well, Siberians get along great with other dogs and children.  They are not often good companions for cats or other small furries.

Siberians have, as a breed, been around for thousands of years.  Originally from Siberia, Russia, they were bred as companions but moreso as working dogs.  They pulled sleds, hauled loads, and watched the children.  They lived with their people constantly and with their pack.  This breeding makes Siberians wonderful companions but very poor yard dogs.  They are not meant to live alone and require the friendship of humans and dogs.  While Siberians can live happily with their humans but without other dogs, many of them are happiest with a canine companion.  We advocate that Siberians should live with their humans, as part of the family.