To volunteer in capacities other than fostering, please email us at april@alsiberianhuskyrescue.com and complete our volunteer form.

We need volunteers to perform many different tasks.  Reference checks, home visits, dog transport, dog exercise and training/socialization, and fundraising are just a few of our needs.  Volunteers can help with one or many of these tasks.

Other volunteer positions needed include:

Reference checker - call references provided by applicants and ask specific questions provided by us. Report the answers to the application coordinator. This position can be filled by someone in any location as it is telephone only.

Home visitor - sign up to be a home visitor in your area. Include the distance radius you are willing to travel for home visits. We adopt to people all over the country so we need home visitors all over the country, but most especially in the southeast. Email us at info@alsiberianhuskyrescue.com to sign up.

Dog transporter - sign up to transport dogs within Alabama. We need to move dogs from shelters to our vets, from vets to foster homes, and from foster homes to vets or adoption meets. This is an important part of helping us and takes only a little time commitment. Email us at info@alsiberianhuskyrescue.com to sign up. Include what areas you are willing to transport. We need transporters all over the state.

Event volunteer - help us work events. Hang out with us and help us handle huskies, speak with the public about our rescue, help sell our fundraising items, set up and take down our booth, and provide other assistance at events we attend or put on in the Birmingham or Montgomery areas. We hope to expand events into the Huntsville area with enough volunteers. Email us at info@alsiberianhuskyrescue.com to sign up.